About us

Rukket Sports

Our Team at Rukket Sports highly values your business.  Our primary marketing is through word of mouth and demonstration of the superior design and value of our products.   We depend on you to recommend us to your friends and to review us on Amazon.  We design and build all of our own products and that is why we are able to offer the best designs at the best possible prices.  We do not use any middlemen or distributors and sell all our products directly to you.  Rukket Sports stands behind everything we build and if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will replace or refund your purchase and ensure that you are happy with your decision to buy from us. 
At Rukket Sports we have a design philosophy that emphasizes constant innovation. All Rukket Sports products are designed with input from college level athletes and coaches. Also, customer feedback and ideas are critical as we work to improve the functionality and durability of our designs. 
Rukket is a small company that was founded using personal savings.  We are USA owned and operated.  Through support of people that appreciate good quality at a great value we have been able to grow our product lineup of sporting goods.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at our Delaware office and we can put you in touch with the person whom can best help.

The Rukket Team:
Ryan Dickerson:
A founding partner, Ryan supervises manufacturing operations and designs many of the products, spending the majority of his time on the factory floor, ensuring that all Rukket products ship on time and ship in perfect condition.
Jana Skrabalkova:
Our marketing director from the Czech Republic has extensive experience building brand awareness for innovative products.  She is in charge of the day to day operations of Rukket and negotiaties and closes any and all deals on behalf of the company.
Samuel Hyland:
Joined Rukket as a partner bringing experience in the challenges of developing market manufacturing and wholesale customer service.
Adam Bencan:
Adam joined Rukket after graduating from the University of Delaware in May 2013.  He oversees the customer service as well as all social media aspects of Rukket and ensuring all Amazon and Rukket.com listings are updated; taking on other marketing and daily business tasks as needed. Adam runs the Rukket Sports Ambassador Program and he is in charge of the Rukket Sports Team Sponsorship program, please reach out to adam@rukket.com if you are a team coach or parent to find out more information.
Malcolm Provost:   

In response to the company's growth, our operations specialist was brought on to augment Rukket's expanding endeavors in order to sustain the high standard our customers enjoy and expect from Rukket.